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Scaling UP! H2O

Jul 19, 2019

095 The One at the IFMA Conference

Episode 95: Show Notes

As a water treater, we have many organizations we have to track.  Most of us are familiar with the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) but they are so many others out there too. 

Scaling UP! H2O was contacted by IFMA and asked if we would cover their...

Jul 12, 2019

094 The Other One with Jay Farmerie, CWT

Episode 94: Show Notes

I'm sure you couldn't wait to tune into the conclusion of last week's episode  The wait is over.  This week Jay Farmerie, CWT joins us again to talk about what happens when water treaters get called in to court.  Jay has served...

Jul 5, 2019

093 The One with Jay Farmerie, CWT

Episode 93: Show Notes

As you all have heard me speak about on the show, I am endeavoring to become a better water treater each and every day.  This includes learning what I don’t know I don’t know.  This can be a very difficult task when you embark on this journey by yourself. ...

Jun 28, 2019

092 The One About My TED Talk Experience

Episode 92: Show Notes

If you have listened to my end year shows, you know I am a goal setter.  I believe that if you challenge yourself to grow beyond your comfort level, you challenge yourself to grow, period.  I also believe that most people don’t challenge themselves to...

Jun 21, 2019

091 The One That's All About Filming Amines (Closed Loops and Cooling Towers)

Episode 91: Show Notes

Wow!  Three weeks of filming amines.  What else is left to talk about?  Closed Loops and Cooling Towers of course... 

Marodi Cribari and I are back to finish up this series on filming amine technologies.  Adding from our...